Why Should You Buy a New Home in Myrtle Beach?

New Homes for Sale in Myrtle Beach

There are many reasons that buying or building a new home can save you money and problems that an existing home might present. Here are some of the best:

1. With today's energy-efficient materials and appliances, you can save an average of over 3400 kilowats a year on electricity. The following facts are on Santee Cooper's website...

New Homes (Per Santee Cooper)

You can have a higher quality of living, while saving money, saving energy, and living comfortably with Santee Cooper's Smart Energy New Homes Program. You can save up to 15-35% on energy costs every month for the life of your new home through the following:

*High-efficiency Heat Pump and Water Heater
*Increased insulation and High-efficiency windows
*HVAC duct design and Airtight building shell
*Energy Star Appliances

Santee Cooper's Smart Energy New Homes Program offers rebates for new homes that achieve minimum energy efficiency eligibility requirements and performance.

Many of the quality builders on the Grand Strand build Smart Energy New Homes.

2. New Homes usually offer twice the closet space. More storage space means less clutter, and more space to live in and enjoy.

3. New Homes offer twice the bathroom space. Builders know which features will win the hearts of a home buyer. A beautiful large bathroom with upgraded flooring and today's counter tops and glass shower stalls will thrill you.

New Homes with Large Baths

4. Open and luxurious kitchens are a staple in new homes. In many cases you can choose from multiple options in floor coverings, counter tops and cabinets, islands, and appliances to design your perfect kitchen.

5. Today's new homes have higher ceilings. This creates the feeling of more spacious living in all the rooms of the home.

6. Repair costs on appliances are covered by the manufacturer's warranty when you buy new.

7. Repair costs on structural problems are typically covered by the builder for a period of ten years.

8. Less out-of-pocket cost for items such as security systems, internet, indoor and outdoor lighting, electric garage doors, and even landscaping is often a benefit when you choose these options in designing your new home. Insurance costs can be lower, and there are often government incentives for "green" homes.